Executive Health Care
Nava Family Medicine also offers an Executive Health Care plan for those who wish to have a higher standard of care. It allows individuals to pre-pay for services and enjoy special benefits and flexibility of scheduling.

If you'd like more information on how our Executive Health Care plan might work for you, please
call our offices.


There are many great reasons to choose us for your health care needs!

Commitment to our patients
Nava Family Medicine is dedicated to making sure our patients enjoy a comfortable experience when visiting our offices, so they can focus on their health.

Highly trained professionals
Dr. Nava and his staff are highly trained professionals who continually keep up with the latest trends and developments in health care, so you can be sure you are getting the best care available.

A family friendly approach
The Family Practice approach means that no matter what your age or health care needs, you can rest assured that the Nava Family Medicine team can help.

A range of payment and insurance options
Nava Family Medicine accepts most of the prominent insurance carriers in Arizona, so we can work with you to make sure your health care needs are met.

A great facility in a great location
The sparkling, modern offices of Nava Family Medicine are conveniently located in east Phoenix, so that you can be close to your health care provider.

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