The specialty of Family Practice requires three additional years of training after graduation from medical school. Physicians are trained to care for the entire family, including everything from diagnosing colds and viruses to minor surgical procedures.

Additionally, Nava Family Medicine's approach to family practice includes a strong focus on preventative medicine and overall patient wellbeing. It includes promoting a healthy lifestyle for patients and their families, and educating them on how to make that lifestyle possible. It also includes screening for medical conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, hypercholesterolemia, heart and lung diseases. Nava Family Medicine encourages its patients to have yearly physical exams in order to detect potential conditions early and prevent complications.

CHILDREN of all ages are welcome at Nava Family Medicine. The practice's care for children includes Head Start, school, and sports physicals, as well as helping with any childhood diseases that may be encountered. All recommended vaccinations can be administered by Nava Family Medicine's highly trained staff.

SENIORS of all ages and conditions are also cared for at Nava Family Medicine. Our care for seniors is especially focused on preventative care, including flu and pneumonia shots and regular checks for conditions that commonly affect the elderly.

And our office is FAMILY oriented we enjoy caring for entire families. Often when a family member is ill, so are others. We can care for ill grandparents, parents, children, and siblings all during the same visit. A true one-stop medical office!

It's our commitment to quality Family Practice care, combined with our dedication to creating a comfortable experience for our patients, that makes Nava Family Medicine the right choice for children, seniors and families.

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