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Each month, Dr. Nava will answer actual questions from patients about their health care.

Q: I'm in my late 30s, and have heard a lot about prostate cancer. When should I start getting regularly screened to make sure I don't have prostate problems? Tom, Phoenix

Dr. Nava: Prostate cancer is a serious health condition of which all men should be aware. Regular, yearly, screening usually begins at age 40. In some cases men younger than 40 should be screened. A simple blood test called the PSA or prostate specific antigen, can help with the screening. Digital rectal exams is an addition exam that helps us with detection of prostate cancer. It is essential that men over 40 discuss this condition with your doctor and discuss possible risks and options for helping detect this terrible condition.

Q: Do you have any books or approaches to diet and eating right that you would recommend to your patients? Andrea, Phoenix

Dr Nava: Diet, lifestyle changes, and exercise are discussed regularly during office visits. Often patients want more specific options regarding these issues. We do recommend many different diet and exercise regimens to meet a specific persons lifestyle. Exercise is stressed to promote a healthy heart with weight loss as the secondary reason to exercise.

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